Tosh is a small village in the deep valley of the exotic Himalayas. It is less explored and perfect for people looking for some solitude. Once you reach Tosh you can either do day treks to nearby villages or simply relax and take it slow with no itinerary in mind. Here I am summing up our 2 days in Tosh. […]

Step-wells of Indian

Step-wells are deep wells where water is reached by descending a set of steps. Due to long dry summers and very little rain, water levels drop in regions like Rajasthan & Gujarat. Step-wells over the centuries evolved to reach extremely low water levels and for other water-related requirements. Due to their architecture, they even acted as ancient air conditioners. These […]


Chittorgarh a UNESCO World Heritage Site is the largest fort in India. Chittor was the capital of “The Kingdom of Mewar” till the Royal family moved to Udaipur. Chittorgarh is a symbol of Rajput Chivalry resistance and bravery and has witnessed a lot of bloodshed over centuries due to its strategic position and importance. The Ruins run chills down the […]


At some stage of life, you want to trace back your roots and understand them better. This is my journey about knowing India, Sanatana, Kashmir more 🙂