Kumbhalgarh – The Great Wall Of India

This Mewar Fort is a World Heritage Site built in the 15th century by Rana Kumbha. It is one of the largest forts in the world.

Kumbhalgarh separates Mewar and Marwar from each other and has served many Mewar rulers as a refuge in times of conflict. Due to its strategic position and Fort remained invincible.

Historic Significance

The present fort was built by the great Rana Kumbha in 1443. King Udai Singh in his early childhood took refuge in this fort when his uncle tried to kill him. Birthplace of legendary king Maharana Pratap. Though Invincible it was captured only once by the Mughal army and Rajput Kings by deceit when they poisoned the water supply of the fort.

Mighty walls of Kumbhalgarh

These mighty walls are 15 feet wide extended up to 36kms and pass through 13 hills making them the second-largest walls in the world.

Temples of Khumbhalgad

Fort compound houses many beautiful temples most of which are Jain temples and the rest all Hindu temples.

Neelkanth Mahadev Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva is famous for 5-feet high lingam. Maharana Kumbha would begin his day by offering prayers to Lord Shiva. He was so tall that when he sat to worship, his eyes were at the same level as the deity.

Main Fort

Kumbhalgarh Fort is built at an elevation of 1100 meters on the Aravalli range.

Day view of the fort and temples.

Night view of the fort and temples, when the fort is beautifully lit for an hour every night.

Steep climb uphill to the highest part of the fort called Badal mahal.

Badal Mahal is built on a hilltop and offers a superb bird’s eye view of the surroundings.

Birth Place of Maharana Pratap was born in 1540.

Every year they host a 3-day Kumbhalgarh Festival in the winter months. We were lucky to visit Kumbhalgad during that time.

On a chilly night sitting on the mighty walls of 500 old fortresses, and witnessing a classical music program was an experience of a lifetime.

How to reach

~ 2:30 hours from Udaipur ~ 1 hour from Ranakpur ~ 4 hours from Jodhpur


We stayed in Jungle camp Kumbhalgarh which is around 15 min drive from the fort. The property is good with clean huge rooms with old-style Rajputana Furniture. I liked the vibe of the place.


  1. You can cover it on a day trip from Udaipur, but I would suggest staying here overnight as the fort is lit in the evening and it is an amazing sight to witness.
  2. Since the climb to the fort is steep, it gets hot during the day.
  3. Please wear comfortable shoes and clothes.
  4. Start early from Udaipur cover Eklingji & Ranakpur temples on the way, and reach the fort around 4 pm.
  5. It takes 2-3 hours to cover all the main places, then stays for the light and sound show.
  6. If possible plan your visit during a 3-day Kumbhalgad festival during the winter months.
  7. It gets a bit chilly post-sunset in the winter months, so I would suggest carrying a thin jacket.
  8. The best time to visit is October – February. You can even cover it on the way from Udaipur to Jodhpur.

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