Kasol – The Hippie Haven

A beautiful village turned into Hippie Haven.

If you’re looking for peace and are happy with just basic facilities then Kasol is for you.

Top things to do in Kasol

Photo of Kasol - The Hippie Haven - Trip On Cards 1/13 by Shally Ashish Dhar

Walk till Manikaran

Manikaran is a pilgrimage center for Sikhs and Hindus situated 5 km from Kasol. The main attractions are the Gurudwara, Shiv temple, and hot water springs which give it a very mystic feel.

You can walk to Manikaran along the Parvati river and spend a few hours there. Take bath in the hot water springs which are considered to have medicinal benefits. Enjoy the humble but extremely satisfying food at Langar(Community Kitchen) which is open to people across all faiths. Langer food is cooked in the hot water springs. Take a nap in the hot caves which will surely take away all the weariness.

Explore Chalal Village

We tried the Chalal trail twice, the first was from the Kasol market and I was deeply disappointed by the litter all along the way and decided to skip it halfway.

On the second occasion just 3kms before Kasol we saw a small bridge on the Parvati river connecting to Chalal Village.

Post crossing the bridge we kept walking towards Chalal for an hour. Thankfully, we got some beautiful and clean trails running parallel to the Parvati River.

We didn’t see a single soul for the first 30 minutes except for a friendly dog who accompanied us till the end. It was towards the end of the trail which was infested with irresponsible tourists who were the main reason for the litter and mess.


When you’re done with all the walking and exploration, sit back relax and enjoy some delicious food Kasol has to offer.

Moon Dance Cafe – Looking at how crowded it was this seemed to be the most preferred choice for all tourists in Kasol. We tried sizzlers which were perfect for the cold weather. German Bakery – Cakes Muffins Cookies – everything we tried was amazing. We even got some packed for our bus journey. Jim Morrison Cafe – Named after one of the most eccentric frontmen of all time, the cafe lived up to the name. The uphill walk to the cafe makes it all the more interesting. We tried Pizza, some pancakes, and endless cups of Ginger and Mint tea. Post dinner, the descent got really adventurous and spooky thanks to the rains and no lights on the way. Please do carry a torch if you’re going to stay late for dinner.

Evergreen Cafe – This is claimed to be the oldest cafe in Kasol. Lovely music and laid back vibe. If you are in no hurry you should definitely try it for one of your meals. We tried a few Israeli dishes which turned out to be quite appetizing.

Shamboo Momos – Who doesn’t like momos in the mountains? – Not to miss this small cart right opposite German Bakery.

Sanjha Chulha – Not at all pocket-friendly but this is the only place that serves authentic Himachali food. It is 6 km from Kasol. Since we were staying there we picked it for dinner. We had started getting tired of all the continental affairs and needed my fill of local rustic food. Sadly there is not a single restaurant in Kasol Market which serves local food. Service here is slow as they claim to cook everything fresh. They even have Dham Thalis & Siddu. A good collection of pickle varieties. Basic comforting and everything we ordered turned out to be succulent. This was my best meal in Kasol 🙂


Chandigarh -> Bhuntar (8 hours by Bus) -> Kasol (1-2 hours by Bus \ Cab)


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