Little Rann of Kutch

LRK is one of the most unique landscapes I have seen in India. I got to experience my first no road ( drive in any direction ) kind of drive, marshy salt lands, Indian wild ass – which is found only in this area in India and the patchy grey dry surface of the earth – something which I have […]

Kondana Caves

Buddhism has left its traces all over Maharastra, hence the region is blessed with so many beautiful caves, and Kondana is one of them. After an easy hike of around 45 minutes, you start noticing a small section of the cave that looks like wholly taken over by the wildness around. Tucked in deep jungles, away from the city – […]


Things to do in Landour Landour is a small cantonment area around 5kms from Mussorie. You can take a cab \ bike from Mussorie to Landour. Once you are in Landour best way to explore the place is by walking to enjoy the beauty. 1. Enjoy walking ~3-4kms upper chakkar loop. 2. Buy peanut butter & jams from Anil Prakash’s […]

Kasol – The Hippie Haven

A beautiful village turned into Hippie Haven. If you’re looking for peace and are happy with just basic facilities then Kasol is for you. Top things to do in Kasol Walk till Manikaran Manikaran is a pilgrimage center for Sikhs and Hindus situated 5 km from Kasol. The main attractions are the Gurudwara, Shiv temple, and hot water springs which […]

Kumbhalgarh – The Great Wall Of India

This Mewar Fort is a World Heritage Site built in the 15th century by Rana Kumbha. It is one of the largest forts in the world. Kumbhalgarh separates Mewar and Marwar from each other and has served many Mewar rulers as a refuge in times of conflict. Due to its strategic position and Fort remained invincible. Historic Significance The present […]


Tosh is a small village in the deep valley of the exotic Himalayas. It is less explored and perfect for people looking for some solitude. Once you reach Tosh you can either do day treks to nearby villages or simply relax and take it slow with no itinerary in mind. Here I am summing up our 2 days in Tosh. […]

Step-wells of Indian

Step-wells are deep wells where water is reached by descending a set of steps. Due to long dry summers and very little rain, water levels drop in regions like Rajasthan & Gujarat. Step-wells over the centuries evolved to reach extremely low water levels and for other water-related requirements. Due to their architecture, they even acted as ancient air conditioners. These […]


Chittorgarh a UNESCO World Heritage Site is the largest fort in India. Chittor was the capital of “The Kingdom of Mewar” till the Royal family moved to Udaipur. Chittorgarh is a symbol of Rajput Chivalry resistance and bravery and has witnessed a lot of bloodshed over centuries due to its strategic position and importance. The Ruins run chills down the […]