Mamaleshwar Temple Pahalgam

One of the oldest temples in Kashmir, built on the banks of the Lidder river. This temple dates back to 400AD ~1600 years old. Kalhan in Rajtharanigi credits it to Jayasimha of the Lohara dynasty, who build this temple and decorated it with a Golden Kalash on top Temple is surrounded by a freshwater stream. Legends say that this sacred […]

Kondana Caves

Buddhism has left its traces all over Maharastra, hence the region is blessed with so many beautiful caves, and Kondana is one of them. After an easy hike of around 45 minutes, you start noticing a small section of the cave that looks like wholly taken over by the wildness around. Tucked in deep jungles, away from the city – […]

Ancient Temples of Karnataka

Temples in Karnataka boast of Hoysala,¬†Chalukya,¬†and Vijayanagar architecture. These temples are built by various Kings during the glorious era Karnataka has witnessed. Chennakeshava Temple  & Halibedu Temple Avani Temple ( Kolar – Karnataka ) Temples of Hampi ( Karnataka) Legends of Hampi Shravanbelagola

Ancient Temples of India

Whenever I explore any part of India, I always try to visit old temples. I love to peek into the grand history and culture of our beautiful country. I feel our ancestors spent generations building these beautiful temples. We can definitely spend a few hours soaking in their tranquillity. I will keep on adding more to the list as and […]