Little Rann of Kutch

LRK is one of the most unique landscapes I have seen in India. I got to experience my first no road ( drive in any direction ) kind of drive, marshy salt lands, Indian wild ass – which is found only in this area in India and the patchy grey dry surface of the earth – something which I have […]

Kondana Caves

Buddhism has left its traces all over Maharastra, hence the region is blessed with so many beautiful caves, and Kondana is one of them. After an easy hike of around 45 minutes, you start noticing a small section of the cave that looks like wholly taken over by the wildness around. Tucked in deep jungles, away from the city – […]

Part 1: History of Kashmir (Pre-historic & Neolithic)

Pre-Historic era – Ice Age Excavations conducted by ASI in 1969 have discovered the occurrence of the Ice Age in the valley. The chief Geological formation of the ice age here are the lacustrine deposits called the ” Karewas “. Karewa formation is of the Plio-Pleistocene age. In Kashmiri dialect, Karewa or Wudars means, “elevated table-land.”  These deposits have good […]


Things to do in Landour Landour is a small cantonment area around 5kms from Mussorie. You can take a cab \ bike from Mussorie to Landour. Once you are in Landour best way to explore the place is by walking to enjoy the beauty. 1. Enjoy walking ~3-4kms upper chakkar loop. 2. Buy peanut butter & jams from Anil Prakash’s […]

Ancient Temples of Karnataka

Temples in Karnataka boast of Hoysala, Chalukya, and Vijayanagar architecture. These temples are built by various Kings during the glorious era Karnataka has witnessed. Chennakeshava Temple  & Halibedu Temple Avani Temple ( Kolar – Karnataka ) Temples of Hampi ( Karnataka) Legends of Hampi Shravanbelagola

Legends of Hampi

Just like humans even civilizations are mortal, they are born, achieve their peak, decline, and then die. The only effort we, as humans can take, is not to let these civilizations die from the memory of the human race.Hampi was the capital of the mighty Vijayanagar Empire for almost 200 years. This capital city was built on the banks of […]

Offbeat Places to visit in India

I am clubbing all the offbeat places I have visited in India in this post, I will keep on adding as and when I visit more such places Chembra Peak – Wayanad (Kerala) It is the highest peak in Wayanad and the third highest in South India, the trek to the top is perfect for people looking out for some […]

Rani Ki Vav

This 11th-century Stepwell is the latest addition to the UNESCO world heritage sites list. This Stepwell is the Queen of all step wells in India. The perfect example of Ancient India’s finest design and architecture. Who built Rani Ki Vav? Queen Udayamati built it in memory of her late husband Bhima 1. This is the first of its kind where […]

Kahneri Caves

In the heart of Mumbai city, these millennium-old Buddhist caves take you back to the era when the Buddhist religion was at its peak in this region. It is one of the largest Buddhist sites in India with more than 100 cave excavations on one hill. These caves were built between the 1st and 11th centuries and consist of 109 […]